XlApplicationInternational XlApplicationInternational XlApplicationInternational Enum


Specifies country/region and international settings.

public enum class XlApplicationInternational
public enum XlApplicationInternational
Public Enum XlApplicationInternational


xl24HourClock xl24HourClock xl24HourClock 33

True if you’re using 24-hour time; False if you’re using 12-hour time.

xl4DigitYears xl4DigitYears xl4DigitYears 43

True if you’re using four-digit years; False if you’re using two-digit years.

xlAlternateArraySeparator xlAlternateArraySeparator xlAlternateArraySeparator 16

Alternate array item separator to be used if the current array separator is the same as the decimal separator.

xlColumnSeparator xlColumnSeparator xlColumnSeparator 14

Character used to separate columns in array literals.

xlCountryCode xlCountryCode xlCountryCode 1

Country/Region version of Microsoft Excel.

xlCountrySetting xlCountrySetting xlCountrySetting 2

Current country/region setting in the Windows Control Panel.

xlCurrencyBefore xlCurrencyBefore xlCurrencyBefore 37

True if the currency symbol precedes the currency values; False if it follows them.

xlCurrencyCode xlCurrencyCode xlCurrencyCode 25

Currency symbol.

xlCurrencyDigits xlCurrencyDigits xlCurrencyDigits 27

Number of decimal digits to be used in currency formats.

xlCurrencyLeadingZeros xlCurrencyLeadingZeros xlCurrencyLeadingZeros 40

True if leading zeros are displayed for zero currency values.

xlCurrencyMinusSign xlCurrencyMinusSign xlCurrencyMinusSign 38

True if you’re using a minus sign for negative numbers; False if you’re using parentheses.

xlCurrencyNegative xlCurrencyNegative xlCurrencyNegative 28

Currency format for negative currency values:0 = (symbolx) or (xsymbol)1 = -symbolx or -xsymbol2 = symbol-x or x-symbol3 = symbolx- or xsymbol-where symbol is the currency symbol of the country or region. Note that the position of the currency symbol is determined by xlCurrencyBefore.

xlCurrencySpaceBefore xlCurrencySpaceBefore xlCurrencySpaceBefore 36

True if a space is added before the currency symbol.

xlCurrencyTrailingZeros xlCurrencyTrailingZeros xlCurrencyTrailingZeros 39

True if trailing zeros are displayed for zero currency values.

xlDateOrder xlDateOrder xlDateOrder 32

Order of date elements:0 = month-day-year1 = day-month-year2 = year-month-day

xlDateSeparator xlDateSeparator xlDateSeparator 17

Date separator (/).

xlDayCode xlDayCode xlDayCode 21

Day symbol (d).

xlDayLeadingZero xlDayLeadingZero xlDayLeadingZero 42

True if a leading zero is displayed in days.

xlDecimalSeparator xlDecimalSeparator xlDecimalSeparator 3

Decimal separator.

xlGeneralFormatName xlGeneralFormatName xlGeneralFormatName 26

Name of the General number format.

xlHourCode xlHourCode xlHourCode 22

Hour symbol (h).

xlLeftBrace xlLeftBrace xlLeftBrace 12

Character used instead of the left brace ({) in array literals.

xlLeftBracket xlLeftBracket xlLeftBracket 10

Character used instead of the left bracket ([) in R1C1-style relative references.

xlListSeparator xlListSeparator xlListSeparator 5

List separator.

xlLowerCaseColumnLetter xlLowerCaseColumnLetter xlLowerCaseColumnLetter 9

Lowercase column letter.

xlLowerCaseRowLetter xlLowerCaseRowLetter xlLowerCaseRowLetter 8

Lowercase row letter.

xlMDY xlMDY xlMDY 44

True if the date order is month-day-year for dates displayed in the long form; False if the date order is day-month-year.

xlMetric xlMetric xlMetric 35

True if you’re using the metric system; False if you’re using the English measurement system.

xlMinuteCode xlMinuteCode xlMinuteCode 23

Minute symbol (m).

xlMonthCode xlMonthCode xlMonthCode 20

Month symbol (m).

xlMonthLeadingZero xlMonthLeadingZero xlMonthLeadingZero 41

True if a leading zero is displayed in months (when months are displayed as numbers).

xlMonthNameChars xlMonthNameChars xlMonthNameChars 30

Always returns three characters for backward compatibility. Abbreviated month names are read from Microsoft Windows and can be any length.

xlNoncurrencyDigits xlNoncurrencyDigits xlNoncurrencyDigits 29

Number of decimal digits to be used in noncurrency formats.

xlNonEnglishFunctions xlNonEnglishFunctions xlNonEnglishFunctions 34

True if you’re not displaying functions in English.

xlRightBrace xlRightBrace xlRightBrace 13

Character used instead of the right brace (}) in array literals.

xlRightBracket xlRightBracket xlRightBracket 11

Character used instead of the right bracket (]) in R1C1-style references.

xlRowSeparator xlRowSeparator xlRowSeparator 15

Character used to separate rows in array literals.

xlSecondCode xlSecondCode xlSecondCode 24

Second symbol (s).

xlThousandsSeparator xlThousandsSeparator xlThousandsSeparator 4

Zero or thousands separator.

xlTimeLeadingZero xlTimeLeadingZero xlTimeLeadingZero 45

True if a leading zero is displayed in times.

xlTimeSeparator xlTimeSeparator xlTimeSeparator 18

Time separator (:).

xlUpperCaseColumnLetter xlUpperCaseColumnLetter xlUpperCaseColumnLetter 7

Uppercase column letter.

xlUpperCaseRowLetter xlUpperCaseRowLetter xlUpperCaseRowLetter 6

Uppercase row letter (for R1C1-style references).

xlWeekdayNameChars xlWeekdayNameChars xlWeekdayNameChars 31

Always returns three characters for backward compatibility. Abbreviated weekday names are read from Microsoft Windows and can be any length.

xlYearCode xlYearCode xlYearCode 19

Year symbol in number formats (y).

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