XlChartPicturePlacement XlChartPicturePlacement XlChartPicturePlacement Enum


Specifies the placement of a user-selected picture on a bar in a 3-D bar or column.

public enum class XlChartPicturePlacement
public enum XlChartPicturePlacement
Public Enum XlChartPicturePlacement


xlAllFaces xlAllFaces xlAllFaces 7

Display on all faces.

xlEnd xlEnd xlEnd 2

Display on end.

xlEndSides xlEndSides xlEndSides 3

Display on end and sides.

xlFront xlFront xlFront 4

Display on front.

xlFrontEnd xlFrontEnd xlFrontEnd 6

Display on front and end.

xlFrontSides xlFrontSides xlFrontSides 5

Display on front and sides.

xlSides xlSides xlSides 1

Display on sides.

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