XlDataLabelsType XlDataLabelsType XlDataLabelsType Enum


Specifies the type of data label to apply.

public enum class XlDataLabelsType
public enum XlDataLabelsType
Public Enum XlDataLabelsType


xlDataLabelsShowBubbleSizes xlDataLabelsShowBubbleSizes xlDataLabelsShowBubbleSizes 6

Show the size of the bubble in reference to the absolute value.

xlDataLabelsShowLabel xlDataLabelsShowLabel xlDataLabelsShowLabel 4

Category for the point.

xlDataLabelsShowLabelAndPercent xlDataLabelsShowLabelAndPercent xlDataLabelsShowLabelAndPercent 5

Percentage of the total, and category for the point. Available only for pie charts and doughnut charts.

xlDataLabelsShowNone xlDataLabelsShowNone xlDataLabelsShowNone -4142

No data labels.

xlDataLabelsShowPercent xlDataLabelsShowPercent xlDataLabelsShowPercent 3

Percentage of the total. Available only for pie charts and doughnut charts.

xlDataLabelsShowValue xlDataLabelsShowValue xlDataLabelsShowValue 2

default. Value for the point (assumed if this argument isn't specified).

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