XlMarkerStyle Enum


Specifies the marker style for a point or series in a line chart, scatter chart, or radar chart.

public enum class XlMarkerStyle
public enum XlMarkerStyle
Public Enum XlMarkerStyle


xlMarkerStyleAutomatic -4105

Automatic markers

xlMarkerStyleCircle 8

Circular markers

xlMarkerStyleDash -4115

Long bar markers

xlMarkerStyleDiamond 2

Diamond-shaped markers

xlMarkerStyleDot -4118

Short bar markers

xlMarkerStyleNone -4142

No markers

xlMarkerStylePicture -4147

Picture markers

xlMarkerStylePlus 9

Square markers with a plus sign

xlMarkerStyleSquare 1

Square markers

xlMarkerStyleStar 5

Square markers with an asterisk

xlMarkerStyleTriangle 3

Triangular markers

xlMarkerStyleX -4168

Square markers with an X

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