XlRangeValueDataType XlRangeValueDataType XlRangeValueDataType Enum


Specifies the range value data type.

public enum class XlRangeValueDataType
public enum XlRangeValueDataType
Public Enum XlRangeValueDataType


xlRangeValueDefault xlRangeValueDefault xlRangeValueDefault 10

default If the specified Range object is empty, returns the value Empty (use the IsEmpty function to test for this case). If the Range object contains more than one cell, returns an array of values (use the IsArray function to test for this case).

xlRangeValueMSPersistXML xlRangeValueMSPersistXML xlRangeValueMSPersistXML 12

Returns the recordset representation of the specified Range object in an XML format.

xlRangeValueXMLSpreadsheet xlRangeValueXMLSpreadsheet xlRangeValueXMLSpreadsheet 11

Returns the values, formatting, formulas and names of the specified Range object in the XML Spreadsheet format.

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