XlTableStyleElementType Enum


Specifies the table style element used.

public enum class XlTableStyleElementType
public enum XlTableStyleElementType
Public Enum XlTableStyleElementType


xlBlankRow 19

Blank row

xlColumnStripe1 7

Column Stripe1

xlColumnStripe2 8

Column Stripe2

xlColumnSubheading1 20

Column Subheading1

xlColumnSubheading2 21

Column Subheading2

xlColumnSubheading3 22

Column Subheading3

xlFirstColumn 3

First column

xlFirstHeaderCell 9

First header cell

xlFirstTotalCell 11

First total cell

xlGrandTotalColumn 4

Grand total column

xlGrandTotalRow 2

Grand total row

xlHeaderRow 1

Header row

xlLastColumn 4

Last column

xlLastHeaderCell 10

Last header cell

xlLastTotalCell 12

Last total cell

xlPageFieldLabels 26

Page field labels

xlPageFieldValues 27

Page field values

xlRowStripe1 5

Row Stripe1

xlRowStripe2 6

Row Stripe2

xlRowSubheading1 23

Row Subheading1

xlRowSubheading2 24

Row Subheading2

xlRowSubheading3 25

Row Subheading3

xlSlicerHoveredSelectedItemWithData 33

A selected item, hovered over by the user, that contains data.

xlSlicerHoveredSelectedItemWithNoData 35

A selected item, hovered over by the user, that does not contain data.

xlSlicerHoveredUnselectedItemWithData 32

An item, hovered over by the user, that is not selected and that contains data.

xlSlicerHoveredUnselectedItemWithNoData 34

A selected item, hovered over by the user, that is not selected and that does not contain data.

xlSlicerSelectedItemWithData 30

A selected item that contains data.

xlSlicerSelectedItemWithNoData 31

A selected item that does not contain data.

xlSlicerUnselectedItemWithData 28

An item that is not selected that contains data.

xlSlicerUnselectedItemWithNoData 29

An item that is not selected that does not contain data.

xlSubtotalColumn1 13

Subtotal Column1

xlSubtotalColumn2 14

Subtotal Column2

xlSubtotalColumn3 15

Subtotal Column3

xlSubtotalRow1 16

Subtotal Row1

xlSubtotalRow2 17

Subtotal Row2

xlSubtotalRow3 18

Subtotal Row3

xlTimelinePeriodLabels1 38

Timeline Period Label

xlTimelinePeriodLabels2 39

Additional Timeline Period Label

xlTimelineSelectedTimeBlock 40

Selected Timeline Time Block

xlTimelineSelectedTimeBlockSpace 42

Selected Timeline Time Block space

xlTimelineSelectionLabel 36

Timeline Selection Label

xlTimelineTimeLevel 37

Timeline Level

xlTimelineUnselectedTimeBlock 41

Unselected Timeline Time Block

xlTotalRow 2

Total Row

xlWholeTable 0

Whole Table

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