_Category.ShortcutKey _Category.ShortcutKey _Category.ShortcutKey Property


Returns or sets an OlCategoryShortcutKey constant that specifies the shortcut key used by the Category object. Read/write.

 property Microsoft::Office::Interop::Outlook::OlCategoryShortcutKey ShortcutKey { Microsoft::Office::Interop::Outlook::OlCategoryShortcutKey get(); void set(Microsoft::Office::Interop::Outlook::OlCategoryShortcutKey value); };
public Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.OlCategoryShortcutKey ShortcutKey { get; set; }
Public Property ShortcutKey As OlCategoryShortcutKey

Property Value


Any OlCategoryShortcutKey constant other than olCategoryShortcutKeyNone can only be used by one Category object at any given time. Setting the value of this property to an OlCategoryShortcutKey constant already in use sets the ShortcutKey property of the Category object already using the specified value to olCategoryShortcutKeyNone.

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