_ExchangeUser.GetPicture _ExchangeUser.GetPicture _ExchangeUser.GetPicture Method


Obtains a stdole.StdPicture object that represents the picture of the Microsoft Exchange user that is displayed in Microsoft Outlook.

 stdole::StdPicture ^ GetPicture();
public stdole.StdPicture GetPicture ();
Public Function GetPicture () As StdPicture


stdole.StdPicture stdole.StdPicture stdole.StdPicture


The picture of the Exchange user is stored in Active Directory and displayed in various places in Outlook, including the dialog box for Outlook Properties and Contact Card.If the picture does not exist for the user, GetPicture returns Nothing (a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) in C#).

You can only call GetPicture from code that runs in-process as Outlook. An StdPicture object cannot be marshaled across process boundaries. If you attempt to call GetPicture from out-of-process code, an exception occurs. For more information, see An automation server cannot pass a pointer to the picture object's IPictureDisp implementation across process boundaries

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