_Rules.Save(Object) _Rules.Save(Object) Method


Saves all rules in the Rules collection.

public void Save (object ShowProgress);
Public Sub Save (Optional ShowProgress As Object)


Object Object

True to display the progress dialog box, False to save rules without showing the progress.


After you enable a rule, you must also save the rule by using Rules.Save so that the rule and its enabled state will persist beyond the current session. A rule is only enabled after it has been saved successfully.

Rules.Save can be an expensive operation in terms of performance on slow connections to Exchange server. For more information on using the progress dialog box, see Managing Rules in the Outlook Object Model

Saving rules that are incompatible or have improperly defined actions or conditions (such as an empty string for Text) will return an error.

The Exchange server limits the maximum number of rules that can be supported by a store. Rules.Save returns an error when this limit is reached.

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