_ViewFields.Add(String) _ViewFields.Add(String) _ViewFields.Add(String) Method


Adds the specified field to the end of the ViewFields collection for the view.

 Microsoft::Office::Interop::Outlook::ViewField ^ Add(System::String ^ PropertyName);
public Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.ViewField Add (string PropertyName);
Public Function Add (PropertyName As String) As ViewField


String String String

The name of the property to which the new object is associated. This property can be referenced by field name (displayed in the Field Chooser) or by namespace (represented by ViewXMLSchemaName).


A ViewField object that represents the new view field.


Referencing the property in PropertyName by its field name requires the localized name in the corresponding locale. For more information on referencing properties by namespace, see Referencing Properties by Namespace

If you are adding a custom property to the ViewFields collection, the property must exist in the UserDefinedProperties collection for the View’s parent folder.

If the property already exists in the ViewFields collection, Outlook will raise an error.

To programmatically add a custom field to a view, use the ViewFields.Add method. This is the recommended way to dynamically change the view over setting the XML property.

Certain properties cannot be added to a view using ViewFields.Add, including binary properties, computed properties, and HTML or RTF body content. For more information, see Unsupported Properties in a Table Object or Table Filter

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