OlRuleActionType OlRuleActionType OlRuleActionType Enum


Specifies the type of rule action for a rule.

public enum class OlRuleActionType
public enum OlRuleActionType
Public Enum OlRuleActionType


olRuleActionAssignToCategory olRuleActionAssignToCategory olRuleActionAssignToCategory 2

Rule action is to assign categories to the message.

olRuleActionCcMessage olRuleActionCcMessage olRuleActionCcMessage 27

Rule action is to cc the message to specified recipients.

olRuleActionClearCategories olRuleActionClearCategories olRuleActionClearCategories 30

Rule action is to clear all the categories assigned to the message.

olRuleActionCopyToFolder olRuleActionCopyToFolder olRuleActionCopyToFolder 5

Rule action is to copy the message to a specified folder.

olRuleActionCustomAction olRuleActionCustomAction olRuleActionCustomAction 22

Rule action is to perform a custom action.

olRuleActionDefer olRuleActionDefer olRuleActionDefer 28

Rule action is to defer delivery of the message by the specified number of minutes.

olRuleActionDelete olRuleActionDelete olRuleActionDelete 3

Rule action is to delete the message.

olRuleActionDeletePermanently olRuleActionDeletePermanently olRuleActionDeletePermanently 4

Rule action is to permanently delete the message.

olRuleActionDesktopAlert olRuleActionDesktopAlert olRuleActionDesktopAlert 24

Rule action is to display a desktop alert.

olRuleActionFlagClear olRuleActionFlagClear olRuleActionFlagClear 13

Rule action is to clear the message flag.

olRuleActionFlagColor olRuleActionFlagColor olRuleActionFlagColor 12

Rule action is to flag the message with a specified colored flag.

olRuleActionFlagForActionInDays olRuleActionFlagForActionInDays olRuleActionFlagForActionInDays 11

Rule action is to flag the message for action in the specified number of days.

olRuleActionForward olRuleActionForward olRuleActionForward 6

Rule action is to forward the message to the specified recipients.

olRuleActionForwardAsAttachment olRuleActionForwardAsAttachment olRuleActionForwardAsAttachment 7

Rule action is to forward the message as an attachment to the specified recipients.

olRuleActionImportance olRuleActionImportance olRuleActionImportance 14

Rule action is to mark the message with the specified level of importance.

olRuleActionMarkAsTask olRuleActionMarkAsTask olRuleActionMarkAsTask 29

Rule action is to mark the message as a task.

olRuleActionMarkRead olRuleActionMarkRead olRuleActionMarkRead 19

Rule action is to mark the message as read.

olRuleActionMoveToFolder olRuleActionMoveToFolder olRuleActionMoveToFolder 1

Rule action is to move the message to the specified folder.

olRuleActionNewItemAlert olRuleActionNewItemAlert olRuleActionNewItemAlert 23

Rule action is to display the specified text in the New Item Alert dialog box.

olRuleActionNotifyDelivery olRuleActionNotifyDelivery olRuleActionNotifyDelivery 26

Rule action is to request delivery notification for the message being sent.

olRuleActionNotifyRead olRuleActionNotifyRead olRuleActionNotifyRead 25

Rule action is to request read notification for the message being sent.

olRuleActionPlaySound olRuleActionPlaySound olRuleActionPlaySound 17

Rule action is to play a sound file.

olRuleActionPrint olRuleActionPrint olRuleActionPrint 16

Rule action is to print the message on the default printer.

olRuleActionRedirect olRuleActionRedirect olRuleActionRedirect 8

Rule action is to redirect the message to the specified recipients.

olRuleActionRunScript olRuleActionRunScript olRuleActionRunScript 20

Rule action is to run a script.

olRuleActionSensitivity olRuleActionSensitivity olRuleActionSensitivity 15

Rule action is to mark the message with the specified level of sensitivity.

olRuleActionServerReply olRuleActionServerReply olRuleActionServerReply 9

Rule action is to request the server to reply with the specified mail item.

olRuleActionStartApplication olRuleActionStartApplication olRuleActionStartApplication 18

Rule action is to run an .exe file.

olRuleActionStop olRuleActionStop olRuleActionStop 21

Rule action is to stop processing more rules.

olRuleActionTemplate olRuleActionTemplate olRuleActionTemplate 10

Rule action is to use the specified template (.oft) file as a form template.

olRuleActionUnknown olRuleActionUnknown olRuleActionUnknown 0

Unrecognized rule action.


The list of rule action types in this enumeration includes all the rule actions that the Rules and Alerts Wizard supports. Note that while you can programmatically enumerate all the rule actions for a rule, you can programmatically create a rule with only the most commonly used rule actions. For more information, see Specify Rule Actions

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