UserProperties.Add(String, OlUserPropertyType, Object, Object) UserProperties.Add(String, OlUserPropertyType, Object, Object) Method


Creates a new user property in the UserProperties collection.

public Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.UserProperty Add (string Name, Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.OlUserPropertyType Type, object AddToFolderFields, object DisplayFormat);
Public Function Add (Name As String, Type As OlUserPropertyType, Optional AddToFolderFields As Object, Optional DisplayFormat As Object) As UserProperty


String String

The name of the property. The maximum length is 64 characters. The characters, '[', ']', '_' and '#', are not permitted in the name.

OlUserPropertyType OlUserPropertyType

The type of the new property.

Object Object

True if the property will be added as a custom field to the folder that the item is in. This field can be displayed in the folder's view. False if the property will be added as a custom field to the item but not to the folder. The default value is True.

Object Object

Specifies how the property will be displayed in the Outlook user interface. This parameter can be set to a value from one of several different enumerations, determined by the property type specified in the Type parameter. For more information on how Type and DisplayFormat interact, see DisplayFormat.


A UserProperty object that represents the new property.


You can define custom properties by calling either the UserProperties.Add method for an Outlook item or folder, or the Add(String, OlUserPropertyType, Object, Object) method for a folder.

You can create a property of a type that is defined by the OlUserPropertyType enumeration, except for the following types: olEnumeration, olOutlookInternal, and olSmartFrom.

To set for the first time a property created by the Add method, use the Value property of the UserProperty object instead of the SetProperties(Object, Object) or SetProperty(String, Object) method of the PropertyAccessor object.

If you want to view a custom property on an item, you must use the UserProperties.Add method to create that property. Custom properties created by the PropertyAccessor are not supported in a custom view.

You cannot add custom properties to Office document items such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files. You will receive an error when you try to programmatically add a user-defined field to a DocumentItem object.

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