_Application.DDERequest(Int32, String) Method


Uses an open dynamic data exchange (DDE) channel to request information from the receiving application, and returns the information as a string.

 System::String ^ DDERequest(int Channel, System::String ^ Item);
public string DDERequest (int Channel, string Item);
abstract member DDERequest : int * string -> string
Public Function DDERequest (Channel As Integer, Item As String) As String



Required Integer. The channel number returned by the DDEInitiate(String, String) method.


Required String. The item to be requested.




Dynamic data exchange (DDE) is an older technology that is not secure. If possible, use a more secure alternative to DDE.

When you request information from the topic in the server application, you must specify the item in that topic whose contents you're requesting. In Microsoft Excel, for example, cells are valid items, and you refer to them by using either the "R1C1" format or named references.

Microsoft Excel and other applications that support DDE recognize a topic named "System." Three standard items in the System topic are described in the following table. Note that you can get a list of the other items in the System topic by using the SysItems item.

SysItemsReturns a list of all the items in the System topic.
TopicsReturns a list of all the available topics.
FormatsReturns a list of all the Clipboard formats supported by Microsoft Word.

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