_Document.SelectSingleNode(String, String, Boolean) _Document.SelectSingleNode(String, String, Boolean) Method


Returns an XMLNode object that represents a node in the specified document.

public Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.XMLNode SelectSingleNode (string XPath, string PrefixMapping = "", bool FastSearchSkippingTextNodes = false);
Public Function SelectSingleNode (XPath As String, Optional PrefixMapping As String = "", Optional FastSearchSkippingTextNodes As Boolean = false) As XMLNode


String String

Required String. A valid XPath string. For more information on XPath, see the XPath reference documentation on the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Web site.

String String

Optional Object. Provides the prefix in the schema against which to perform the search. Use the PrefixMapping parameter if your XPath parameter uses names to search for elements.

Boolean Boolean

Optional Boolean. True skips all text nodes while searching for the specified node. False includes text nodes in the search. Default value is True.



Setting the FastSearchSkippingTextNodes parameter to False diminishes performance because Microsoft Word searches all nodes in a document against the text contained in the node.

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