Dialog.Show(Object) Method


Displays and carries out actions initiated in the specified built-in Microsoft Word dialog box. Returns an Integer that indicates which button was clicked to close the dialog box.

public int Show (ref object TimeOut);
abstract member Show : obj -> int
Public Function Show (Optional ByRef TimeOut As Object) As Integer



Optional Object. The amount of time that Word will wait before closing the dialog box automatically. One unit is approximately 0.001 second. Concurrent system activity may increase the effective time value. If this argument is omitted, the dialog box is closed when the user dismisses it.




-2The Close button.
-1The OK button.
0 (zero)The Cancel button.
> 0 (zero)A command button: 1 is the first button, 2 is the second button, and so on.

Use the Show method shows the specified built-in Word dialog box, then (if the user clicks the OK button) carry out the actions specified by the user in the dialog box. The Display(Object) method, on the other hand, displays the specified built-in Word dialog box, but takes no action after the user closes the dialog box. Therefore, you should choose the method to use as follows:

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