KeyBinding.Rebind(WdKeyCategory, String, Object) KeyBinding.Rebind(WdKeyCategory, String, Object) Method


Changes the command assigned to the specified key binding.

public void Rebind (Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.WdKeyCategory KeyCategory, string Command, ref object CommandParameter);
Public Sub Rebind (KeyCategory As WdKeyCategory, Command As String, Optional ByRef CommandParameter As Object)
WdKeyCategory WdKeyCategory

Required WdKeyCategory. The key category of the specified key binding.

String String

Required String. The name of the specified command.

Object Object

Optional Object. Additional text, if any, required for the command specified by Command. For information about values for this argument, see the Add(WdKeyCategory, String, Int32, Object, Object) method for the KeyBindings object.

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