ShapeRange.CanvasCropLeft(Single) ShapeRange.CanvasCropLeft(Single) ShapeRange.CanvasCropLeft(Single) Method


Crops a percentage of the width of a drawing canvas from the left side of the canvas.

 void CanvasCropLeft(float Increment);
public void CanvasCropLeft (float Increment);
Public Sub CanvasCropLeft (Increment As Single)


Single Single Single

Required Single. The amount in percentage points of the drawing canvas's width that you want remaining after the canvas is cropped. Entering 0.9 as the increment crops ten percent of the canvas's width from the left. Entering 0.1 crops ninety percent of the canvas's width from the left.


Use the CanvasCropRight(Single) method to crop from the right side of a drawing canvas.

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