WdColorIndex WdColorIndex WdColorIndex Enum


Specifies the color to apply.

public enum class WdColorIndex
public enum WdColorIndex
Public Enum WdColorIndex


wdAuto wdAuto wdAuto 0

Automatic color. Default; usually black.

wdBlack wdBlack wdBlack 1

Black color.

wdBlue wdBlue wdBlue 2

Blue color.

wdBrightGreen wdBrightGreen wdBrightGreen 4

Bright green color.

wdByAuthor wdByAuthor wdByAuthor -1

Color defined by document author.

wdDarkBlue wdDarkBlue wdDarkBlue 9

Dark blue color.

wdDarkRed wdDarkRed wdDarkRed 13

Dark red color.

wdDarkYellow wdDarkYellow wdDarkYellow 14

Dark yellow color.

wdGray25 wdGray25 wdGray25 16

Shade 25 of gray color.

wdGray50 wdGray50 wdGray50 15

Shade 50 of gray color.

wdGreen wdGreen wdGreen 11

Green color.

wdNoHighlight wdNoHighlight wdNoHighlight 0

Removes highlighting that has been applied.

wdPink wdPink wdPink 5

Pink color.

wdRed wdRed wdRed 6

Red color.

wdTeal wdTeal wdTeal 10

Teal color.

wdTurquoise wdTurquoise wdTurquoise 3

Turquoise color.

wdViolet wdViolet wdViolet 12

Violet color.

wdWhite wdWhite wdWhite 8

White color.

wdYellow wdYellow wdYellow 7

Yellow color.

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