WdNumberForm WdNumberForm WdNumberForm Enum


Specifies the number form setting for an OpenType font.

public enum class WdNumberForm
public enum WdNumberForm
Public Enum WdNumberForm


wdNumberFormDefault wdNumberFormDefault wdNumberFormDefault 0

Applies the default number form for the font.

wdNumberFormLining wdNumberFormLining wdNumberFormLining 1

Applies the lining number form to the font.

wdNumberFormOldStyle wdNumberFormOldStyle wdNumberFormOldStyle 2

Applies the "old-style" number form to the font.


Numbers in OpenType fonts that support these properties can be displayed either with alignment above the baseline of the text (called "lining") or with descenders crossing below the baseline (called "hanging" or "old style"). Use the NumberForm property to set the number form for a font.

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