WdTaskPanes Enum


Specifies the type of task pane object.

public enum class WdTaskPanes
public enum WdTaskPanes
type WdTaskPanes = 
Public Enum WdTaskPanes


wdTaskPaneApplyStyles 17

Apply styles pane.

wdTaskPaneDocumentActions 7

Document actions pane.

wdTaskPaneDocumentManagement 16

Document management task pane.

wdTaskPaneDocumentProtection 6

Document protection pane.

wdTaskPaneDocumentUpdates 13

Document updates pane.

wdTaskPaneFaxService 11

Fax service pane.

wdTaskPaneFormatting 0

Formatting pane.

wdTaskPaneHelp 9

Help pane.

wdTaskPaneMailMerge 2

Mail merge pane.

wdTaskPaneNav 18
wdTaskPaneProofing 20

Proofing pane.

wdTaskPaneResearch 10

Research pane.

wdTaskPaneRevealFormatting 1

Reveal formatting codes pane.

wdTaskPaneRevPaneFlex 22

Revisions pane flex pane.

wdTaskPaneSearch 4

Search pane.

wdTaskPaneSelection 19
wdTaskPaneSharedWorkspace 8

Shared workspace pane.

wdTaskPaneSignature 14

Signature pane.

wdTaskPaneStyleInspector 15

Style inspector pane.

wdTaskPaneThesaurus 23

Thesaurus pane.

wdTaskPaneTranslate 3

Translate pane.

wdTaskPaneXMLDocument 12

XML document pane.

wdTaskPaneXMLMapping 21

XML mapping pane.

wdTaskPaneXMLStructure 5

XML structure pane.

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