XMLSchemaReferences.Add(Object, Object, Object, Boolean) XMLSchemaReferences.Add(Object, Object, Object, Boolean) Method


Returns a XMLSchemaReference that represents a schema applied to a document.

public Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.XMLSchemaReference Add (ref object NamespaceURI, ref object Alias, ref object FileName, bool InstallForAllUsers = false);
Public Function Add (Optional ByRef NamespaceURI As Object, Optional ByRef Alias As Object, Optional ByRef FileName As Object, Optional InstallForAllUsers As Boolean = false) As XMLSchemaReference
Object Object

Optional String. The name of the schema as defined in the schema. The Namespace parameter is case-sensitive and must be spelled exactly as it appears in the schema. If the specified namespace cannot be found in any of the schemas attached to the document, an error is displayed.

Object Object

Optional String. The name of the schema as it appears on the Schemas tab in the Templates and Add-ins dialog box.

Object Object

Optional String. The path and file name of the schema. This may be a local file path, a network path, or an Internet address.

Boolean Boolean

Optional Boolean. True if all users that log on to a computer can access and use the new schema. The default is False.


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