Bookmark.Text Property


Gets or sets the text in the Bookmark control.

public string Text { get; set; }

Property Value

The text of the Bookmark control.


The following code example adds a Bookmark control with text and then displays the total number of characters in the bookmark using the ComputeStatistics method.

This example is for a document-level customization.

private void BookmarkComputeStatistics()
    Microsoft.Office.Tools.Word.Bookmark bookmark1 =
    bookmark1.Text = "This is sample bookmark text.";
    int totalCharacters = bookmark1.ComputeStatistics(Word
    MessageBox.Show("The bookmark contains " + 
        totalCharacters.ToString() + " characters.");
Private Sub BookmarkComputeStatistics()

    Dim Bookmark1 As Microsoft.Office.Tools.Word.Bookmark = _
        Me.Controls.AddBookmark(Me.Paragraphs(1).Range, "Bookmark1")
    Bookmark1.Text = "This is sample bookmark text."

    Dim totalCharacters As Integer = Bookmark1.ComputeStatistics( _
    MessageBox.Show("The bookmark contains " & _
        totalCharacters.ToString() & " characters.")

End Sub


The Text property returns the plain, unformatted text of the bookmark. When you set this property, the text of the Bookmark control is replaced.

Setting the Microsoft.Office.Tools.Word.Bookmark.Text property does not delete the bookmark.

Setting the Microsoft.Office.Tools.Word.Bookmark.Text property of a bookmark that spans multiple table cells will set the text within the first cell only. If the bookmark contains the entire table and surrounding text, the entire table will be deleted.

For information about setting the Microsoft.Office.Tools.Word.Bookmark.Text property of a bookmark that overlaps another bookmark, see Bookmark Control.

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