WmiActivity WmiActivity WmiActivity Class


Abstract base contining the common members and invocation code for the WMI cmdlets.

public abstract class WmiActivity : Microsoft.PowerShell.Activities.PSActivity
type WmiActivity = class
    inherit PSActivity
Public MustInherit Class WmiActivity
Inherits PSActivity


WmiActivity() WmiActivity() WmiActivity()


AppendOutput AppendOutput AppendOutput Inherited from PipelineEnabledActivity
Authority Authority Authority

Specifies the authority to use to authenticate the WMI connection. You can specify standard NTLM or Kerberos authentication. To use NTLM, set the authority setting to ntlmdomain:"DomainName", where "DomainName" identifies a valid NTLM domain name. To use Kerberos, specify kerberos:"DomainName>\ServerName". You cannot include the authority setting when you connect to the local computer.

CanInduceIdle CanInduceIdle CanInduceIdle Inherited from PSActivity
Debug Debug Debug Inherited from PSActivity
DefiningModule DefiningModule DefiningModule Inherited from PSActivity
EnableAllPrivileges EnableAllPrivileges EnableAllPrivileges

Enables all the privileges of the current user before the command makes the WMI call.

ErrorAction ErrorAction ErrorAction Inherited from PSActivity
Impersonation Impersonation Impersonation

Specifies the impersonation level to use. Valid values are: 0: Default (reads the local registry for the default impersonation level , which is usually set to "3: Impersonate".) 1: Anonymous (Hides the credentials of the caller.) 2: Identify (Allows objects to query the credentials of the caller.) 3: Impersonate (Allows objects to use the credentials of the caller.) 4: Delegate (Allows objects to permit other objects to use the credentials of the caller.)

InformationAction InformationAction InformationAction Inherited from PSActivity
Input Input Input Inherited from PipelineEnabledActivity
Locale Locale Locale

Specifies the preferred locale for WMI objects. Specify the value of the Locale parameter as an array in the MS_"LCID" format in the preferred order .

MergeErrorToOutput MergeErrorToOutput MergeErrorToOutput Inherited from PSActivity
Namespace Namespace Namespace

When used with the Class parameter, this parameter specifies the WMI repository namespace where the referenced WMI class is located. When used with the List parameter, it specifies the namespace from which to gather WMI class information.

PSActionRetryCount PSActionRetryCount PSActionRetryCount Inherited from PSActivity
PSActionRetryIntervalSec PSActionRetryIntervalSec PSActionRetryIntervalSec Inherited from PSActivity
PSActionRunningTimeoutSec PSActionRunningTimeoutSec PSActionRunningTimeoutSec Inherited from PSActivity
PSAuthenticationLevel PSAuthenticationLevel PSAuthenticationLevel

Specifies the authentication level to be used with the WMI connection. Valid values are: -1: Unchanged 0: Default 1: None (No authentication in performed.) 2: Connect (Authentication is performed only when the client establishes a relationship with the application.) 3: Call (Authentication is performed only at the beginning of each call when the application receives the request.) 4: Packet (Authentication is performed on all the data that is received from the client.) 5: PacketIntegrity (All the data that is transferred between the client and the application is authenticated and verified.) 6: PacketPrivacy (The properties of the other authentication levels are used, and all the data is encrypted.)

PSCommandName PSCommandName PSCommandName Inherited from PSActivity
PSComputerName PSComputerName PSComputerName

The computer name to invoke this activity on.

PSCredential PSCredential PSCredential

Defines the credential to use in the remote connection.

PSDebug PSDebug PSDebug Inherited from PSActivity
PSDefiningModule PSDefiningModule PSDefiningModule Inherited from PSActivity
PSDisableSerialization PSDisableSerialization PSDisableSerialization Inherited from PSActivity
PSError PSError PSError Inherited from PSActivity
PSInformation PSInformation PSInformation Inherited from PSActivity
PSPersist PSPersist PSPersist Inherited from PSActivity
PSProgress PSProgress PSProgress Inherited from PSActivity
PSProgressMessage PSProgressMessage PSProgressMessage Inherited from PSActivity
PSRequiredModules PSRequiredModules PSRequiredModules Inherited from PSActivity
PSVerbose PSVerbose PSVerbose Inherited from PSActivity
PSWarning PSWarning PSWarning Inherited from PSActivity
ParameterDefaults ParameterDefaults ParameterDefaults Inherited from PSActivity
Result Result Result Inherited from PipelineEnabledActivity
Tracer Tracer Tracer Inherited from PSActivity
UpdatePreferenceVariable UpdatePreferenceVariable UpdatePreferenceVariable Inherited from PSActivity
UseDefaultInput UseDefaultInput UseDefaultInput Inherited from PipelineEnabledActivity
Verbose Verbose Verbose Inherited from PSActivity
WarningAction WarningAction WarningAction Inherited from PSActivity


ActivityEndPersistence(NativeActivityContext) ActivityEndPersistence(NativeActivityContext) ActivityEndPersistence(NativeActivityContext) Inherited from PSActivity
CacheMetadata(NativeActivityMetadata) CacheMetadata(NativeActivityMetadata) CacheMetadata(NativeActivityMetadata) Inherited from PSActivity
Cancel(NativeActivityContext) Cancel(NativeActivityContext) Cancel(NativeActivityContext) Inherited from PSActivity
Execute(NativeActivityContext) Execute(NativeActivityContext) Execute(NativeActivityContext) Inherited from PSActivity
GetActivityArguments() GetActivityArguments() GetActivityArguments() Inherited from PSActivity
GetImplementation(NativeActivityContext) GetImplementation(NativeActivityContext) GetImplementation(NativeActivityContext)

Perform necessary steps to prepare the WMI commands

GetPowerShell(NativeActivityContext) GetPowerShell(NativeActivityContext) GetPowerShell(NativeActivityContext) Inherited from PSActivity
GetRunInProc(ActivityContext) GetRunInProc(ActivityContext) GetRunInProc(ActivityContext) Inherited from PSActivity
GetUbiquitousParameter<T>(String, Dictionary<String,Object>) GetUbiquitousParameter<T>(String, Dictionary<String,Object>) GetUbiquitousParameter<T>(String, Dictionary<String,Object>)

Generic version of the function to handle value types

GetWmiCommandCore(NativeActivityContext, String) GetWmiCommandCore(NativeActivityContext, String) GetWmiCommandCore(NativeActivityContext, String)

Sets to execute the command that was passed in.

PrepareSession(ActivityImplementationContext) PrepareSession(ActivityImplementationContext) PrepareSession(ActivityImplementationContext) Inherited from PSActivity
UpdateImplementationContextForLocalExecution(ActivityImplementationContext, ActivityContext) UpdateImplementationContextForLocalExecution(ActivityImplementationContext, ActivityContext) UpdateImplementationContextForLocalExecution(ActivityImplementationContext, ActivityContext) Inherited from PSActivity
WriteProgressRecord(NativeActivityContext, PSDataCollection<ProgressRecord>, String, ProgressRecordType) WriteProgressRecord(NativeActivityContext, PSDataCollection<ProgressRecord>, String, ProgressRecordType) WriteProgressRecord(NativeActivityContext, PSDataCollection<ProgressRecord>, String, ProgressRecordType) Inherited from PSActivity

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