GenericObjectMeasureInfo GenericObjectMeasureInfo GenericObjectMeasureInfo Class


Class output by Measure-Object.

public sealed class GenericObjectMeasureInfo : Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.MeasureInfo
type GenericObjectMeasureInfo = class
    inherit MeasureInfo
Public NotInheritable Class GenericObjectMeasureInfo
Inherits MeasureInfo


This class is created for fixing "Measure-Object -MAX -MIN should work with ANYTHING that supports CompareTo"
bug (Win8:343911).
GenericMeasureInfo class is shipped with PowerShell V2. Fixing this bug requires, changing the type of
Maximum and Minimum properties which would be a breaking change. Hence created a new class to not
have an appcompat issues with PS V2.


GenericObjectMeasureInfo() GenericObjectMeasureInfo() GenericObjectMeasureInfo()

default ctor


Average Average Average

The average of property values

Count Count Count

Keeping track of number of objects with a certain property

Maximum Maximum Maximum

The max of property values

Minimum Minimum Minimum

The min of property values

Property Property Property Inherited from MeasureInfo
Sum Sum Sum

The sum of property values

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