NetConnectionStatus Enum


State of the network adapter connection to the network

public enum class NetConnectionStatus
public enum class NetConnectionStatus
enum NetConnectionStatus
public enum NetConnectionStatus
type NetConnectionStatus = 
Public Enum NetConnectionStatus


Authenticating 8

Adapter is authenticating

AuthenticationFailed 10

Authentication has failed

AuthenticationSucceeded 9

Authentication has succeeded

Connected 2

Adapter is connected

Connecting 1

Adapter is connecting

CredentialsRequired 12

Credentials are required

Disconnected 0

Adapter is disconnected

Disconnecting 3

Adapter is disconnecting

HardwareDisabled 5

Adapter hardware is disabled

HardwareMalfunction 6

Adapter has a hardware malfunction

HardwareNotPresent 4

Adapter hardware is not present

InvalidAddress 11

Address is invalid

MediaDisconnected 7

Media is disconnected

Other 13

Other unspecified state

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