PowerManagementCapabilities Enum


Specifies power-related capabilities of a logical device

public enum class PowerManagementCapabilities
public enum class PowerManagementCapabilities
enum PowerManagementCapabilities
public enum PowerManagementCapabilities
type PowerManagementCapabilities = 
Public Enum PowerManagementCapabilities


Disabled 2

Power management features are currently disabled

Enabled 3

The power management features are currently enabled, but the exact feature set is unknown or the information is unavailable

NotSupported 1

Power management not supported

PowerCyclingSupported 6

Power may be done through the Win32_LogicalDevice class

PowerSavingModesEnteredAutomatically 4

The device can change its power state based on usage or other criteria

PowerStateSettable 5

The power state may be set through the Win32_LogicalDevice class

TimedPowerOnSupported 7

Timed power-on is supported

Unknown 0

Unknown capability

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