PowerPlatformRole Enum


Indicates the OEM's preferred power management profile

public enum class PowerPlatformRole
public enum class PowerPlatformRole
enum PowerPlatformRole
public enum PowerPlatformRole
type PowerPlatformRole = 
Public Enum PowerPlatformRole


AppliancePC 6

The OEM specified an appliance PC role

Desktop 1

The OEM specified a desktop role

EnterpriseServer 4

The OEM specified an enterprise server role

MaximumEnumValue 9

Max enum value

Mobile 2

The OEM specified a mobile role (for example, a laptop)

PerformanceServer 7

The OEM specified a performance server role

Slate 8

The OEM specified a tablet form factor role

SOHOServer 5

The OEM specified a single office/home office (SOHO) server role

Unspecified 0

The OEM did not specify a specific role

Workstation 3

The OEM specified a workstation role

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