RestartComputerCommand.ComputerName Property


Specifies the computer (s)Name on which this command is executed. When this parameter is omitted, this cmdlet restarts the local computer. Type the NETBIOS name, IP address, or fully-qualified domain name of one or more computers in a comma-separated list. To specify the local computer, type the computername or "localhost".

 property cli::array <System::String ^> ^ ComputerName { cli::array <System::String ^> ^ get(); void set(cli::array <System::String ^> ^ value); };
 property Platform::Array <Platform::String ^> ^ ComputerName { Platform::Array <Platform::String ^> ^ get(); void set(Platform::Array <Platform::String ^> ^ value); };
public string[] ComputerName { get; set; }
member this.ComputerName : string[] with get, set
Public Property ComputerName As String()

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