WorkflowJobSourceAdapter WorkflowJobSourceAdapter WorkflowJobSourceAdapter Class


Adapter that allows workflow instances to be exposed as jobs in PowerShell. NOTE: This class has been unsealed to allow extensibility for Opalis. Further thought is needed around the best way to enable reuse of this class.

public sealed class WorkflowJobSourceAdapter : System.Management.Automation.JobSourceAdapter
type WorkflowJobSourceAdapter = class
    inherit JobSourceAdapter
Public NotInheritable Class WorkflowJobSourceAdapter
Inherits JobSourceAdapter


GetInstance() GetInstance() GetInstance()

Gets the WorkflowJobSourceAdapter instance.

GetJobByInstanceId(Guid, Boolean) GetJobByInstanceId(Guid, Boolean) GetJobByInstanceId(Guid, Boolean)

Get list of jobs that has the specified id

GetJobBySessionId(Int32, Boolean) GetJobBySessionId(Int32, Boolean) GetJobBySessionId(Int32, Boolean)

Get job by session id.

GetJobManager() GetJobManager() GetJobManager()


GetJobs() GetJobs() GetJobs()

Get the list of jobs that are currently available in the workflow instance table.

GetJobsByCommand(String, Boolean) GetJobsByCommand(String, Boolean) GetJobsByCommand(String, Boolean)

Get list of jobs that run the specified command

GetJobsByFilter(Dictionary<String,Object>, Boolean) GetJobsByFilter(Dictionary<String,Object>, Boolean) GetJobsByFilter(Dictionary<String,Object>, Boolean)

Get list of jobs based on the adapter specific filter parameters

GetJobsByName(String, Boolean) GetJobsByName(String, Boolean) GetJobsByName(String, Boolean)

Get list of jobs that matches the specified names

GetJobsByState(JobState, Boolean) GetJobsByState(JobState, Boolean) GetJobsByState(JobState, Boolean)

Get list of jobs that are in the specified state

GetPSWorkflowRuntime() GetPSWorkflowRuntime() GetPSWorkflowRuntime()


NewJob(JobDefinition) NewJob(JobDefinition) NewJob(JobDefinition) Inherited from JobSourceAdapter
NewJob(JobInvocationInfo) NewJob(JobInvocationInfo) NewJob(JobInvocationInfo)

Create a new job with the specified JobSpecification.

NewJob(String, String) NewJob(String, String) NewJob(String, String) Inherited from JobSourceAdapter
PersistJob(Job2) PersistJob(Job2) PersistJob(Job2) Inherited from JobSourceAdapter
RemoveJob(Job2) RemoveJob(Job2) RemoveJob(Job2)

Remove a job from the store

RetrieveJobIdForReuse(Guid) RetrieveJobIdForReuse(Guid) RetrieveJobIdForReuse(Guid) Inherited from JobSourceAdapter
StoreJobIdForReuse(Job2, Boolean) StoreJobIdForReuse(Job2, Boolean) StoreJobIdForReuse(Job2, Boolean) Inherited from JobSourceAdapter


Name Name Name Inherited from JobSourceAdapter

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