BodyInstance BodyInstance BodyInstance Class


Represents an instance type of the Body class and contains the calculated values of the properties in Body.

public ref class BodyInstance sealed : Microsoft::ReportingServices::OnDemandReportRendering::ReportElementInstance
public sealed class BodyInstance : Microsoft.ReportingServices.OnDemandReportRendering.ReportElementInstance
Public NotInheritable Class BodyInstance
Inherits ReportElementInstance


Style Style Style

Gets the calculated value of the Style property in a ReportElement class.

(Inherited from ReportElementInstance)
UniqueName UniqueName UniqueName

Gets the unique identifier of this instance object.


m_reportElementDef m_reportElementDef m_reportElementDef

Specifies the report element definition that defines this instance.

(Inherited from ReportElementInstance)
m_style m_style m_style

Specifies the style properties of this report element object.

(Inherited from ReportElementInstance)


ResetInstanceCache() ResetInstanceCache() ResetInstanceCache()

Resets the cache of the ReportElementInstance.

(Inherited from ReportElementInstance)

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