FarmCertificateInfo FarmCertificateInfo FarmCertificateInfo Class


Represents the details of the certificate associated with the service bus farm.

[System.Runtime.Serialization.DataContract(Name="CertificateInfo", Namespace="")]
public class FarmCertificateInfo
type FarmCertificateInfo = class
Public Class FarmCertificateInfo


FarmCertificateInfo() FarmCertificateInfo() FarmCertificateInfo()


CertificateKeyName CertificateKeyName CertificateKeyName

Gets or sets the keyname associated with the certificate.

CertificateName CertificateName CertificateName

Gets or sets the name of the certificate.

CertificateType CertificateType CertificateType

Gets or sets the type of the certificate.

Downloadable Downloadable Downloadable

Gets or sets whether the certificate is downloadable.

ExpirationDate ExpirationDate ExpirationDate

Gets or sets the expiration date of the certificate.

IsAutoGenerated IsAutoGenerated IsAutoGenerated

Gets or sets whether the certificate is auto generated.

Thumbprint Thumbprint Thumbprint

Gets or sets the thumbprint associated with the certificate.

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