NetMessagingBinding NetMessagingBinding NetMessagingBinding Class


Represents the binding that is used for net messaging.

public sealed class NetMessagingBinding : System.ServiceModel.Channels.Binding
type NetMessagingBinding = class
    inherit Binding
Public NotInheritable Class NetMessagingBinding
Inherits Binding


NetMessagingBinding() NetMessagingBinding() NetMessagingBinding()

Initializes a new instance of the NetMessagingBinding class.

NetMessagingBinding(String) NetMessagingBinding(String) NetMessagingBinding(String)

Initializes a new instance of the NetMessagingBinding class.


MaxBufferPoolSize MaxBufferPoolSize MaxBufferPoolSize

Gets or sets the maximum size allowed for a buffer pool that stores TCP messages processed by the binding.

PrefetchCount PrefetchCount PrefetchCount

Gets or sets the number of messages that the message receiver can fetch in advance.

Scheme Scheme Scheme

Gets the URI transport scheme for the channels and listeners that are configured with this binding.

SessionIdleTimeout SessionIdleTimeout SessionIdleTimeout

Gets or sets the timespan value that specifies period of inactivity that the session waits before timing out.

TransportSettings TransportSettings TransportSettings

Gets or sets the transport settings for the net messaging.


CreateBindingElements() CreateBindingElements() CreateBindingElements()

Returns an ordered collection of binding elements contained in the current binding.

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