NetMessagingTransportSettings NetMessagingTransportSettings NetMessagingTransportSettings Class


Represents .NET messaging transport settings.

public sealed class NetMessagingTransportSettings
type NetMessagingTransportSettings = class
    interface ITransportSettings
    interface IServiceBusSecuritySettings
Public NotInheritable Class NetMessagingTransportSettings


        // Create settings for the MessagingFactory (for runtime operations)
        MessagingFactorySettings factorySettings = 
        new MessagingFactorySettings()
        NetMessagingTransportSettings = new NetMessagingTransportSettings(),
        Credential = 
        TransportClientCredentialBase.CreateSharedSecretCredential(IssuerName, IssuerKey),

        // Create the MessagingFactory
        MessagingFactory factory = MessagingFactory.Create(myServiceBusNamespace, factorySettings);

        // Create queue client



This class provides Net Messaging Protocol (SBMP) specific configuration support for the NetMessagingBinding.MessagingFactorySettings property.  
It exposes to configuration the settings available on the MessagingFactorySettings.


NetMessagingTransportSettings() NetMessagingTransportSettings() NetMessagingTransportSettings()

Initializes a new instance of the NetMessagingTransportSettings class.


BatchFlushInterval BatchFlushInterval BatchFlushInterval

Gets or sets the batch flush interval.

EnableRedirect EnableRedirect EnableRedirect

Gets a value that indicates whether the message redirect is enabled.

LeaseTimeout LeaseTimeout LeaseTimeout

Gets or sets the lease timeout value for the LeaseTimeout property within the class. Default is 5 minutes.


Clone() Clone() Clone()

Makes a deep copy of this object.

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