TrueFilter TrueFilter TrueFilter Class


Matches a filter expression.

[System.Runtime.Serialization.DataContract(Name="TrueFilter", Namespace="")]
public sealed class TrueFilter : Microsoft.ServiceBus.Messaging.SqlFilter
type TrueFilter = class
    inherit SqlFilter
Public NotInheritable Class TrueFilter
Inherits SqlFilter


TrueFilter() TrueFilter() TrueFilter()

Initializes a new instance of the TrueFilter class.


CompatibilityLevel CompatibilityLevel CompatibilityLevel

This property is reserved for future use. An integer value showing the compatibility level, currently hard-coded to 20.

(Inherited from SqlFilter)
IExtensibleDataObject.ExtensionData IExtensibleDataObject.ExtensionData IExtensibleDataObject.ExtensionData Inherited from Filter
Parameters Parameters Parameters

Sets the value of a filter expression.

(Inherited from SqlFilter)
RequiresPreprocessing RequiresPreprocessing RequiresPreprocessing

Gets a value indicating whether the SQL filter expression requires preprocessing.

SqlExpression SqlExpression SqlExpression

Gets the SQL expression.

(Inherited from SqlFilter)


Match(BrokeredMessage) Match(BrokeredMessage) Match(BrokeredMessage)

Matches a message against the current SQL expression.

Preprocess() Preprocess() Preprocess()

Gets the preprocessed filter expression.

ToString() ToString() ToString()

Converts the value of the current instance to its equivalent string representation.

Validate() Validate() Validate()

Validates the SQL expression.

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