NoRetry NoRetry NoRetry Class


Represents a retry policy that performs no retries.

public sealed class NoRetry : Microsoft.ServiceBus.RetryPolicy
type NoRetry = class
    inherit RetryPolicy
Public NotInheritable Class NoRetry
Inherits RetryPolicy


NoRetry() NoRetry() NoRetry()


Clone() Clone() Clone()

Creates a copy of this instance.

IsRetryableException(Exception) IsRetryableException(Exception) IsRetryableException(Exception)

Determines whether it is permissible to retry after the specified exception.

(Inherited from RetryPolicy)
OnShouldRetry(TimeSpan, Int32, TimeSpan) OnShouldRetry(TimeSpan, Int32, TimeSpan) OnShouldRetry(TimeSpan, Int32, TimeSpan)

Calculates the retry interval for the retry policy.

(Inherited from RetryPolicy)
ResetServerBusyInternal() ResetServerBusyInternal() ResetServerBusyInternal() Inherited from RetryPolicy
SetServerBusy(String) SetServerBusy(String) SetServerBusy(String) Inherited from RetryPolicy
SetServerBusyInternal() SetServerBusyInternal() SetServerBusyInternal() Inherited from RetryPolicy

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