RelayEventSubscriberAuthenticationType RelayEventSubscriberAuthenticationType RelayEventSubscriberAuthenticationType Enum


Describes whether subscribers to a NetEventRelayBinding are required to present a security token issued by the Azure Access Control service to the Azure Service Bus service when sending messages.

public enum RelayEventSubscriberAuthenticationType
type RelayEventSubscriberAuthenticationType = 
Public Enum RelayEventSubscriberAuthenticationType


None None None 1

If specified by a NetEventRelay subscriber, the client will not be required to provide a relay access token. This represents an opt-out mechanism with which listeners can waive the Azure Access Control protection on the endpoint and perform their own access control.

RelayAccessToken RelayAccessToken RelayAccessToken 0

If specified by a NetEventRelay listener, the client is required to provide a relay access token.

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