SchemaComparison SchemaComparison SchemaComparison Class


Class that allows comparing schema between two types of entities: databases and dacpac files

public sealed class SchemaComparison
type SchemaComparison = class
Public NotInheritable Class SchemaComparison


SchemaComparison(String) SchemaComparison(String) SchemaComparison(String)

SchemaComparison constructor that uses a schema compare file (.scmp file) for all comparison settings. Only dacpac and/or database endpoints may be compared.

SchemaComparison(SchemaCompareEndpoint, SchemaCompareEndpoint) SchemaComparison(SchemaCompareEndpoint, SchemaCompareEndpoint) SchemaComparison(SchemaCompareEndpoint, SchemaCompareEndpoint)

SchemaComparison constructor that takes endpoints that specify the source and target for comparison.


ExcludedSourceObjects ExcludedSourceObjects ExcludedSourceObjects

Elements in the source database model to exclude from comparison.

ExcludedTargetObjects ExcludedTargetObjects ExcludedTargetObjects

Elements in the target database model to exclude from comparison.

Options Options Options

Options that affect the behavior of package deployment.

Source Source Source

The SchemaCompareEndpoint that refers to a schema source.

Target Target Target

The SchemaCompareEndpoint that refers to a target. Comparison will update the target to match the source.


Compare() Compare() Compare()

Performs schema comparison, populating comparison results.

SaveToFile(String, Boolean) SaveToFile(String, Boolean) SaveToFile(String, Boolean)

Saves the SchemaComparison as an scmp file.

SaveToStream(Stream) SaveToStream(Stream) SaveToStream(Stream)

Saves the SchemaComparison as an scmp file into a stream

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