PipelineComponent.RegisterEvents PipelineComponent.RegisterEvents PipelineComponent.RegisterEvents Method


When you are developing a custom data flow component, you override this method to create custom events.

 virtual void RegisterEvents();
public virtual void RegisterEvents ();
Public Overridable Sub RegisterEvents ()


The following example shows a component that overrides this method and creates a custom event using the EventInfos collection.

public override void RegisterEvents()  
string[] parameters = new string[1]{"Parameter1"};  
ushort[] types = new ushort[1]{DtsConvert.VarTypeFromTypeCode(TypeCode.String)};  
string[] descriptions = new string [1]{"The first parameter."};  
EventInfos.Add("OnPreExecute", "Fires when the PreExecute method runs.", false, ref parameters, ref types, ref descriptions);  
Public Overrides Sub RegisterEvents()   
 Dim parameters As String() = New String(1) {"Parameter1"}   
 Dim types As System.UInt16() = New System.UInt16(1) {DtsConvert.VarTypeFromTypeCode(TypeCode.String)}   
 Dim descriptions As String() = New String(1) {"The first parameter."}   
 EventInfos.Add("OnPreExecute", "Fires when the PreExecute method runs.", False, parameters, types, descriptions)   
End Sub  


This method is overridden by components that create custom events. Because the custom events declared by a component are not persisted in the package XML, this method is called as the component is loaded into the designer, and at the start of execution.

For more information, see Raising and Defining Events in a Data Flow Component.

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