MainPipeClass.DefaultBufferSize MainPipeClass.DefaultBufferSize MainPipeClass.DefaultBufferSize Property


Gets or sets the default size of the IDTSBuffer100 objects created by a task.

 virtual property int DefaultBufferSize { int get(); void set(int value); };
[get: System.Runtime.InteropServices.DispId(120)]
[set: System.Runtime.InteropServices.DispId(120)]
public virtual int DefaultBufferSize { get; set; }
Public Overridable Property DefaultBufferSize As Integer
Property Value

The default size, in bytes, of the IDTSBuffer100 objects created by the task.



The default value of this property is 10 megabytes, with a maximum of 100 megabytes.

For a brief discussion of this property and related properties that can be used to optimize the performance of the Data Flow task, see Data Flow Performance Features.

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