DtsContainer.StopTime DtsContainer.StopTime DtsContainer.StopTime DtsContainer.StopTime Property


Returns the time that the container ended execution. This property is read-only.

 property DateTime StopTime { DateTime get(); };
public DateTime StopTime { get; }
member this.StopTime : DateTime
Public ReadOnly Property StopTime As DateTime

Property Value

A DateTime value that indicates when the container completed.



The following code example assumes a package named pkg has been created. The package is executed, and the start time, stop time, and duration of the run is recorded. The variables are created after the package is run to capture the information. The pkg object can be replaced by any container, task, or object that inherits from DtsContainer, as DtsContainer inherits the IDTSExecutionMetrics interface.

DateTime dtStart = pkg.StartTime;  
DateTime dtStop = pkg.StopTime;  
int pgkDuration = pkg.ExecutionDuration;  
Dim dtStart As DateTime =  pkg.StartTime   
Dim dtStop As DateTime =  pkg.StopTime   
Dim pgkDuration As Integer =  pkg.ExecutionDuration  

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