ForEachVariableMappings.Item[Object] ForEachVariableMappings.Item[Object] ForEachVariableMappings.Item[Object] Property


Returns a ForEachVariableMapping object from the collection.

 property Microsoft::SqlServer::Dts::Runtime::ForEachVariableMapping ^ default[System::Object ^] { Microsoft::SqlServer::Dts::Runtime::ForEachVariableMapping ^ get(System::Object ^ index); };
public Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.ForEachVariableMapping this[object index] { get; }
Default Public ReadOnly Property Item(index As Object) As ForEachVariableMapping


Object Object Object

The name, description, ID, or index of the ForEachVariableMapping object to return.

Property Value


If the call to the Contains method returns true, you can access the specified element in the collection by using the syntax ForEachVariableMappings[index]. However, if the Contains method returns false, this property throws an exception. In C#, this property is the indexer for the ForEachVariableMappings class.

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