IDTSBreakpointSite IDTSBreakpointSite IDTSBreakpointSite IDTSBreakpointSite Interface


Defines the interaction between the Integration Services run-time engine and the task for exposing breakpoints and for creating and managing custom breakpoints.

public interface class IDTSBreakpointSite : Microsoft::SqlServer::Dts::Runtime::IDTSSuspend
public interface IDTSBreakpointSite : Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.IDTSSuspend
type IDTSBreakpointSite = interface
    interface IDTSSuspend
Public Interface IDTSBreakpointSite
Implements IDTSSuspend


Implements IDTSSuspend.


DebugMode DebugMode DebugMode DebugMode

Gets or sets a Boolean that indicates if a task should check if breakpoints are enabled.

SuspendRequired SuspendRequired SuspendRequired SuspendRequired

Gets or sets a Boolean that indicates if tasks should suspend when they encounter a breakpoint. This value is set by the runtime engine for tasks and containers when a breakpoint is encountered.

(Inherited from IDTSSuspend)


AcceptBreakpointManager(BreakpointManager) AcceptBreakpointManager(BreakpointManager) AcceptBreakpointManager(BreakpointManager) AcceptBreakpointManager(BreakpointManager)

Passes a BreakpointManager to a task. The task will use the breakpoint manager to create, remove, and check the status of breakpoints. This method is called by the runtime and is not used in code.

ResumeExecution() ResumeExecution() ResumeExecution() ResumeExecution()

Resumes execution of the task after pausing. The task or container is resumed by the runtime engine.

(Inherited from IDTSSuspend)
SuspendExecution() SuspendExecution() SuspendExecution() SuspendExecution()

Indicates that the executable needs to suspend. This method is called by the runtime engine.

(Inherited from IDTSSuspend)

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