INavigationEntityInfo INavigationEntityInfo INavigationEntityInfo INavigationEntityInfo Interface


Defines a method that shows the properties for the entity.

public interface class INavigationEntityInfo : Microsoft::SqlServer::Management::INavigationEntry
public interface INavigationEntityInfo : Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.INavigationEntry
type INavigationEntityInfo = interface
    interface INavigationEntry
Public Interface INavigationEntityInfo
Implements INavigationEntry


Base Base Base Base

Gets the base entry that this entry inherits settings from.

(Inherited from INavigationEntry)
Properties Properties Properties Properties

Gets the properties defined for the entity.

SupportedUrnPaths SupportedUrnPaths SupportedUrnPaths SupportedUrnPaths

Gets the uniform resource name path that this navigation entry belongs.

(Inherited from INavigationEntry)

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