INavigationViewInfo INavigationViewInfo INavigationViewInfo Interface


Defines a method that displays the objects in the NavigationView.

public interface class INavigationViewInfo : Microsoft::SqlServer::Management::INavigationEntry
public interface INavigationViewInfo : Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.INavigationEntry
Public Interface INavigationViewInfo
Implements INavigationEntry


Base Base Base

Gets the base entry that this entry inherits settings from.

(Inherited from INavigationEntry)
Columns Columns Columns

Gets the columns for navigation view information.

DetailsViews DetailsViews DetailsViews

Gets the detail views for the navigation view information.

DisplayName DisplayName DisplayName

Gets the display name for the navigation view information.

ExpectedEntities ExpectedEntities ExpectedEntities

Gets the expected entities for the navigation view information.

SupportedUrnPaths SupportedUrnPaths SupportedUrnPaths

Gets the uniform resource name path that this navigation entry belongs.

(Inherited from INavigationEntry)
Type Type Type

Gets the type for navigation view information.

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