Operation.ServerOperationStatus Operation.ServerOperationStatus Operation.ServerOperationStatus Enum


Specifies the server operation status.

public: enum class Operation::ServerOperationStatus
public enum Operation.ServerOperationStatus
Public Enum Operation.ServerOperationStatus


Canceled Canceled Canceled 3

The status is Canceled.

Completion Completion Completion 9

The status is Completion.

Created Created Created 1

The status is Created.

Failed Failed Failed 4

The status is Failed.

Pending Pending Pending 5

The status is Pending.

Running Running Running 2

The status is Running.

Stopping Stopping Stopping 8

The status is Stopping.

Success Success Success 7

The status is Success.

UnexpectTerminated UnexpectTerminated UnexpectTerminated 6

The status is UnexpectTerminated.

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