ISfcHasConnection ISfcHasConnection ISfcHasConnection Interface


ISfcDomain domain roots must implement this interface.

public interface ISfcHasConnection
type ISfcHasConnection = interface
Public Interface ISfcHasConnection


ConnectionContext ConnectionContext ConnectionContext


GetConnection() GetConnection() GetConnection()

Get the connection query on to backing storage. Defaults to assuming a single open query will exist at one time.

GetConnection(SfcObjectQueryMode) GetConnection(SfcObjectQueryMode) GetConnection(SfcObjectQueryMode)

Get the connection to backing storage to support the requested query processing mode. Any connection which supports multiple open queries must assume that the regular connection returned by GetConnection() may be busy at any time.

Cache results, or use a live data reader iterator where Single or multiple open queries are expected.
SetConnection(ISfcConnection) SetConnection(ISfcConnection) SetConnection(ISfcConnection)

Sets the active connection for the domain root. This is used for domain instantiation / hopping.

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