SfcDependencyAction Enum


The SfcDependencyAction enum indicates the intended action for which this graph instance is to applied. it is made available to the client code as discovery, filtering and results enumeration are processed to make use of this information. It is assumed that domain-specific decisions will take this intent into account as processing proceeds. This is a fixed enum which may not be extended at present.

public enum SfcDependencyAction
type SfcDependencyAction = 
Public Enum SfcDependencyAction


Alter 4

An alter action.

Copy 9

A copy or transfer action.

Create 2

A create action.

Diff 8

A difference comparison action.

Drop 3

A drop action.

Merge 7

A combination of Create, Drop, Alter and Rename as needed to merge object trees.

Move 6

A move action involving a new SfcParent.

Rename 5

A rename action involving a new SfcKey.

Serialize 1

A serialization action.

Unknown 0

An unknown or generic action.

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