SfcObjectQuery Class


public class SfcObjectQuery
type SfcObjectQuery = class
Public Class SfcObjectQuery



Create an object query for a particular domain instance object hierarchy and connection. If you use ExecuteIterator and want to make another query before closing it, consider using the overload which indicates support for multiple active queries, or simply use ExecuteCollection to avoid it.

SfcObjectQuery(ISfcDomain, SfcObjectQueryMode)

Create an object query for a particular domain instance. The query mode determines how requests to return an open iterator are handled and the particular connection to use.



Single or multiple active queries? If multiple queries is indicated, then the connection returned must be capable of performing a query and getting results assuming the main connection is busy with an already-active query.


The most recent query string processed. This is readonly since each query execution is passed the query to perform.


ExecuteDataTable(SfcQueryExpression, String[], OrderBy[])

Execute the query string to retrieve the specified fields and return a fully populated DataTable.

ExecuteIterator(SfcQueryExpression, String[], OrderBy[])

Execute the query string and return an SfcObjectIterator to enumerate the results without caching them. If MultipleActiveQueries is true, then you must either provide a suitable connection when requests by GetConnection or use the ExecuteCachedIterator instead to avoid this issue.

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