UpgradeSession Class


This class supplies the information of each instance to the domain and seeks upgraded content, which conforms to the current version of an object model

public class UpgradeSession
type UpgradeSession = class
Public Class UpgradeSession




IsUpgradeRequiredOnType(String, Int32)

SFC calls this function on the domain for each type (with version) before it would like to deserialize.

A false return value indicates a no-upgrade and hence SFC can deserialize the content itself. If a true is returned, the upgrade sequence needs to be run.

PostProcessUpgrade(Dictionary<String,Object>, Int32)

The post process is an additional help to the domains to be able to adjust any hierarchy, uri changes or any such overall changes. This function is called once deserialization of each instance is done.

UpgradeInstance(List<SfcInstanceSerializedData>, Int32, String, Dictionary<String,Object>)

This function transfers the serialized information to the domain and seeks the upgraded object instance

The output needs to be a list of pairs, of sml uri and corresponding instance. An upgrade can result in multiple instances and hence we expect a list. If the instance is deleted, a null can be returned.

UpgradeInstance(Type, List<SfcInstanceSerializedData>)

This is a helper function for the domain to get instance from serialized instance data

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