AvailabilityGroupAutomatedBackupPreference AvailabilityGroupAutomatedBackupPreference AvailabilityGroupAutomatedBackupPreference Enum


Specifies how replicas in the primary role are treated in the evaluation to pick the desired replica to perform a backup.

public enum class AvailabilityGroupAutomatedBackupPreference
public enum AvailabilityGroupAutomatedBackupPreference
Public Enum AvailabilityGroupAutomatedBackupPreference


None None None 3

No preference is stated for backup on replicas based on its current role. Only BackupPriority and online/connected states will be considered for replica choice.

Primary Primary Primary 0

Backups occur only on the primary replica, wherever it is.

Secondary Secondary Secondary 2

Backups occur on the secondary replicas, except when the primary replica is the only replica online.

SecondaryOnly SecondaryOnly SecondaryOnly 1

Backups occur only on the secondary replicas. If no secondary replicas are online, backup will not be performed.

Unknown Unknown Unknown 4

The desired replica to perform a backup is unknown.

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